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Your fleet has a lot of moving parts that must work together seamlessly. Omnitracs brings together technology, intelligence, and support to help your business and drivers perform at their best.

Show drivers you care with technology that makes it easy.

From meeting customer time windows in the last mile to complying with federal regulations over the road, a driver’s workday requires much more than driving. With increasing driver turnover, it’s important to help drivers feel at ease, so they can focus on staying safe and meeting business objectives. Provide an enhanced experience in and out of the cab, and drivers can easily communicate with dispatchers without disrupting their day, have autonomy over their daily routine, and feel connected to their teams and their roles. Retain the best drivers with business solutions that let them move away from tedious processes and get back to driving — so they can help meet your company’s long-term goals.

Safety pays off across your whole business

As many companies have discovered, safety is not only a lifesaving measure, but a cost-saving measure as well. By securing safe transportation and delivery of products, fleets provide a better driver experience and customer experience for faster growth. From exonerating drivers and avoiding skyrocketing insurance premiums to reducing workers comp claims and vehicle maintenance, video-based safety is proven to protect your drivers and your bottom line.

The information you need to drive informed business decisions is constantly flowing between people, applications, and devices. You can consolidate that real-time data into one fleet management intelligence platform and give your teams access to a single source of updated information. With quick access to actionable insights, you and your teams can measure defined metrics that help you meet business objectives, continuously improve operational efficiencies, and better manage processes for a competitive advantage.


Dedicated Electronic Logging to Empower your Fleet

Omnitracs, LLC is a global pioneer of trucking solutions for all business models. Omnitracs transforms the transportation industry through technology and insight, featuring best-in-class solutions for compliance, safety and security, productivity, telematics and tracking.

Designed with drivers in mind, the Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) provides a 1024 x 600 resistive touchscreen display, an easy-to-read self-dimming screen, intuitive alerts and hands-free functionality to improve driver satisfaction on the road.

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and dedicated 4g LTE connections 
  • Input/output for running third party diagnostics
  • Ruggedized outer shell and industrial-grade processor
  • HoursGO companion app for out-of-vehicle access to driver logs
  • Cellular and satellite network connections

Give drivers a powerful, secure and flexible Electronic Logging Device (ELD) that’s easy to use and supports other Omnitracs solutions by delivering the data needed for fleet management.

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Your Mobile Solution for the Intelligent Fleet

XRS technology is installed in the cab of the vehicle and sends vehicle data directly to the driver’s mobile device using a wireless connection. Plus, access drive profitability, safety and compliance with an array of powerful, yet intuitive reports available in the cloud.

– Easy to install, use and meet compliance

– No upfront costs and low, monthly fees

– Quick ROI to put money in your pocket

– Uses the driver’s device with a reliable network

– Increases productivity because the technology goes with the driver

Get the most out of your XRS with industry-leading applications to launch your fleet to new levels of performance, efficiency and safety.

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Minimize Risk and Reduce Costs with SmartDrive Camera System

SmartDrive allows you to measure collision risk at the company, site and driver levels. The intuitive technology identifies contributors to risk, pinpoints actions to take, measures whether those actions were taken as well as measures impact on reducing risk by more than 50%. The driver feedback device display features forward collision alerts, short following alerts, land departure warnings as well as speeding alerts giving you peace of mind of improved driving performance.

50% reduction in collision frequency

70% reduction in collision costs

  • Headway monitoring and forward collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Localized speeding detection
  • Pedestrian collision warning

Sign/signal detection

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