Wireless Solutions

When you’re talking wireless site survey and design, Cetacea is an industry leader. Our experienced team of communication network specialists are ready to handle every aspect of creating wireless solutions to fit our customer’s needs. We’ll use our innovative approach to assessing customer needs through wireless site survey and determine how wifi can meet and even exceed expectations through our wireless site design and wireless products. Indoors, outdoors, or both, Cetacea will bring the best solution via our experienced team and efficient survey and design process.

INDOOR          OUTDOOR                 METRO

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AMSO Analysis

Cetacea Survey Teams come from radio engineering backgrounds. They understand radio signal and how they work. This ability allows us to go far beyond the usual competition to design a wireless system that works…and works *well*.

Employing the latest in knowledge and technologies in test equipment, Cetacea engineers can make sense of even the most difficult situations through the wireless site survey and design process. Whether the situation seems simple or complicated, our experienced survey teams are ready to help determine the best wireless solutions available.

In-house Capabilities for Total Wireless System Development

Cetacea provides a full scope of technical services from fixed and mobile systems to sales of parts and support equipment. Cetacea has wide expertise in a variety of wireless solutions, wireless communications systems, telematics, specialized LAN site survey and design, engineering and manufacturing, systems modifications, equipment logistics, warehouse logistics as well as wireless repair and maintenance. In addition, Cetacea offers on-site field services and new systems evaluation demonstrations anywhere in North America.

Our leading wireless services:

  • WiFi installations
  • Wireless installers
  • Wireless enclosure kits
  • Wireless and WiFi products
  • GPS fleet management

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